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  • About HazAwayToday

    Haz Away Today was founded in June 2015 by Drew Boyles, who had one simple mission:

    To provide customers with an easy, reliable means of removing household and business place hazardous waste materials in a proper, timely, and efficient manner, while also minimizing, and even eliminating, negative environmental impacts in the process, ultimately helping our families, businesses and environment maintain sustainability.

  • Our Founders

    Drew Boyles is an entrepreneur and community leader who believes in balancing responsible business with environmental stewardship.  As a surfer for 27 years, Drew understands firsthand the fragility of our ecosystem.  In his early 20s, Drew became the Co-Chairperson of Surfrider Foundation, Malibu /Santa Monica chapter, a grassroots non-profit environmental organization that works to protect and preserve the world's oceans, waves, and beaches.

    Drew Boyles’ business experience spans 25 years of executive leadership and management consulting with employers such as Brunswick Corporation, Starbucks Coffee and Andersen Management Consulting, as well as dozens of large and small companies.  Since 2004, Drew has been a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise with multiple operations in California and Illinois.  He has been a franchisee of You Move Me, America’s Favorite Local Mover, since 2013.  He and his oldest son, Ryan, developed and patented Crypt Cases, a collapsible storage case for the action sports industry.

    Drew is a proud husband and father of five.  Drew dedicates his time to his community by serving as a Community Board Member of ESMoA (El Segundo Museum of Art), Chairman of the El Segundo Economic Development Advisory Council and as Coach and a Commissioner of AYSO Soccer in El Segundo.  Drew has served in various leadership capacities with Entrepreneurs' Organization, including President of the Los Angeles Chapter, US West Area Director, the US West Membership Director and West Regional Director.

  • FAQs

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  • Eric Busch understands the importance of our environment and how it shapes our lives and our economy.  In 2008, he and his wife Andrea opened Electric Bikes LA, a successful folding and electric bicycle retail store promoting alternative modes of transportation.  Eric also serves as the Executive Director, Corporate Safety at a major motion picture studio, and is responsible for Corporate Safety worldwide.  He is a UCLA graduate, in biology, and has been in the Safety and Environmental field over 24 years - first at Northrop Grumman and now at the studio.  He led the effort to certify a major motion picture studio to the ISO14001 environmental standard, the only studio to do so.

    Eric is a proud husband and father of four fantastic adult children.  He believes we have an obligation to act locally for the betterment of our community and our environment.  From 2004-2012, he served as a city council member and Mayor of the City of El Segundo, CA.  He currently serves on the El Segundo Kiwanis board of directors, and as an Advisory Director to TreeMusketeers.  As a beach lifeguard in college, and as an avid surfer, he recognized the importance of our clean beaches and ocean to the economic vitality of our region.  He sees HazAwayToday as one more way to help reduce the impacts of our society on the environment and hopes you will too.

  • Executive Team

    Ryan Boyles
    Director of Operations - Greater Los Angeles

    Ryan is a nature-loving, extreme sports enthusiast who is as passionate about the environment as he is about disrupting industries. Ryan brings 10 plus years of high growth operations management experience to our business. Ryan’s care for the environment began during a surf trip in a very remote location that exposed him to the harsh realities of waste being mishandled.

  • Val Smith
    Sales Representative - Greater Los Angeles

    From 19 Years as a Realtor to 18 years as a Tax Professional, Val has lots of experience to bring to the table. Val also worked for Brunswick Corporation for 26 years as a Bilingual secretary to the Director of Purchasing of the Bowling Division. She graduated from the University of Chicago and her interests include singing and swimming.

  • Kyle Christopherson
    Operations Manager - Greater Los Angeles

    Kyle Graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a double major in Environmental Science and Physical Geography. After receiving his undergraduate degrees, he applied what he learned in college to the real world, serving as a US Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines. Kyle spent two years in the Peace Corps designing and implementing restoration projects for coral reefs in the local waters. Kyle then moved back to California and was lucky enough to find HazAwayToday. Since starting his time at HazAwayToday, Kyle has proven himself as a dedicated and thoughtful leader. In his free time, you can find him at the beach, playing in the sand with his son.

  • Joe Patricko
    Hazardous Waste Specialist - Greater Los Angeles

    Joe has over 30 years of radiation, chemical, industrial, occupational and environmental health and safety experience involving major universities, medical research facilities and public regulatory agencies throughout the Southern California region. He has a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry from California State University San Bernardino and a Masters Degree in Radiological Health Physics from San Diego State University. Joe prides himself in finding alternatives to waste disposal, such as recycling or reusing materials in ways not yet fully utilized. He believes that the small, single actions of individuals have a profound positive global impact on all, one chemical at a time. In his spare time he enjoys exploring the outdoors and learning more about the physical universe.

  • Sergio Ortiz 

    Accout Manager - Sales / Technical

    Sergio was born and raised in Long Beach, CA. His background stems from the automotive industry in customer service and management. He spent 6+ years fine tuning his skills in communication and delivering solutions to complex problems. In his free time he enjoys the outdoors such as off-roading and camping. His biggest motivation is customer satisfaction and making a positive impact for the environment.

  • Daniel Cortes

    Environmental Specialist II - Greater Los Angeles

    Daniel graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Aquatic Biology. On his days off, he likes to spend his time fishing, and when he's working, he likes thinking about fishing. Daniel dreams to one day assist in the rehabilitation of all degraded ocean habitats and establish more effective marine monitoring strategies.

  • Evan Gentry

    Environmental Specialist I - Greater Los Angeles

    Evan grew up in central Virginia and moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA and earned his B.S. in Environmental Science in 2019. He is passionate about protecting the environment and preserving our planet. With Haz Away Today, he is able to ensure that hazardous materials are properly disposed of and do not disrupt the local ecosystem. Outside of his professional life Evan enjoys staying active through hiking, biking, and snowboarding. Additionally, he has a love for music and plays guitar and saxophone.

  • Andrew Brenner

    Environmental Specialist I  - Greater Los Angeles

    Andrew graduated from Wingate University with a degree in American History. He spent 4 years playing collegiate football on scholarship. In his free time, he enjoys camping and gardening. He is passionate about preserving environmental resources. Andrew dreams of owning a homestead offgrid and hiking the length of the John Muir trail. 

  • Robi Estrada

    Transportation Specialist - Arizona

    Robi is a South Bay native, grew up going to the lovely beaches in Los Angeles. He’s always been a lover of the ocean and goes on many beach clean ups throughout the year. He attended culinary school at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, was a professional athlete for 10 plus years, has experience in the real estate industry, along with so many other talents.

  • Careers

    As the first of our kind service, we are in high demand and growing rapidly! We are looking for highly trained hazardous waste specialists and chemical engineers.


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We charge by the pound, Call us for pricing in your city.


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